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Sublimation Examples - Color Printing

Color printing with sublimation does not print a white ink therefore most sublimation is on a white background and requires specific material, such as polyester or treated stainless steel. This is extremely durable and is heat pressed to forge a bond between ink and base material. Materials include:​

  • Glass Photo Frame

  • Stainless Steel and White Tumblers

  • Polyester Shirts - Light Colors

  • Garden Flags

  • Mouse Pads

  • Drawstring Backpacks

  • Stadium Seat Cushions

  • Koozies (12oz, 16oz, Skinny)

  • Aluminum Sheet Metal - Metal and White in Matte or Gloss

  • Metal Signs - Print or Photo Images

  • Poly Treated Wood

  • Polyester Shopping Bags - Various Sizes

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